Game Modes

Team Deathmatch

Two teams against each other for a predetermined amount of time.  A good way to get a feel for playing indoor airsoft.

Capture the Flag

  • Two teams, one flag in the middle.  Each team tries to capture the flag and bring it back to their capture point and hold it. If your flag is captured, you can rescue it en route, or storm the opposing team’s capture point to retrieve it.


One teams holds the hostage and transports them to a new location unknown by the capturing team.  Capturing team has to reach the hostage and escort them back to their base.  Each team has 1 life per player and if either team accidentally shoots the hostage, their team automatically loses.

Search and Destroy

One team has three minutes to plant a ‘bomb’ in one of two locations.  The defending, or defusing team will try to stop them from planting the bomb within the three minutes.  Once the bomb is planted, the defusing team has one minute to defuse before…  Each team only has one life per round.  At the end of each round, the teams’ roles change.

Downed Pilot

Somewhere in the arena is a downed, lost pilot. He/she doesn’t want to walk into the wrong team’s territory, so it’s your job to find and rescue him/her. But be warned, there is another team trying to capture the pilot…


One team (defenders) begins in the arena and has to ‘outlast’ the other team by having at least one player still alive after 5 minutes.  The defending team does not respawn, instead they take a knee and call for their medic.  The attacking team has unlimited respawns and its their job to get to a downed defending player and count them out to remove them from the game.


One or more players are traitors whose objective is to quietly take out all the innocents.  The innocents need to work out who the traitors are and take them out before the traitors can complete their mission.  There is a penalty for any innocent who gets it wrong…